In this particular route we will go into the valleys of the north of Navarre, hand in hand with the authentic guardians of the oldest customs and traditions of the Kingdom of Navarre.

We will learn the history of the Sorginak (withes) in the caves of Zugarramurdi.

Xanti and Idoia will show us the way cattle farmers live in the Baztan Valley and Santiago Oteiza will talk to us about his most precious heritage: the carving of the “ Kaikus” (a hand-made wooden saucepan-like utensil used to collect the milk) where the tasty “cuajada” (a special type of curd original from this area) is made.

In the neighbouring Roncal valley we will get to know the ancient trades of the Pyrenees, like the now disappeared work of the “almadiero” (the person in charge of transporting newly cut down logs arranged as a precarious raft, downstream) and we will dive in the traditions of the area at the House of Memory in Isaba. We will finish this itinerary enjoying the natural treasure of beeches and fir trees in the Selva de Irati (Irati Natural Park) and the historic town of Rocesvalles, shelter for travellers and pilgrims on the Way of Saint James and the place where the Way of Saint James is inaugurated each year in a ceremony attended by members of the Royal House al all the Presidents of the Autonomies through which pilgrims pass.