NAVARRE WITHOUT BARRIERS (Intended for people with motor disability)

Along this route we will get to know Navarre thoroughly, visiting its numerous accessible places, which will allow us to have a wide view of nature, culture, people and gastronomy typical of this region.

We are going to start out from the capital, Pamplona, strolling pleasantly around the old quarters of town. On this occasion we will be accompanied by an “encierro” race with bulls taking place every day at 08.00 a.m. during the San Fermín Festival) runner, who will explain to us the feeling of this dangerous race with the bulls.

On the second day we will go deep into the Ulzama and Baztán valleys. There we will enjoy a natural environment such as the Orgui Woods and the Santxotena museum, where we will see the “Lamias” (female character in the Basque mythology).

The next day will be focused on culture. We will visit the famous Castle of Javier, the birthplace of the Saint after whom it is named. Also, we’ll be visting the Sangüesa monuments where we’ll be able to appreciate its architectural jewel: Santa María’s church facade, pinnacle of the Romanesque style and national monument.

Finally, we will go into the “Navarra media” and the “Ribera” (centre and south of the province respectively), visiting its most representative landmarks in this particular area.