NAVARRE through the way of SAINT JAMES

In this circuit we are Going to visit the most important parts of the Way of Saint James as it passes through Navarre, together with places of real interest, meeting people and enjoying the gastronomy in this first part of the Way.

We’ll be starting in Roncesvalles, where we’ll visit its beautiful collegiate church and the treasures of Emperor Charlemagne. Here, we’ll get the first hallmark on the “Compostela” (the pilgrim’s card).

We will get to Pamplona crossing the Magdalena Bridge and the Gateway to France, through which pilgrims have been coming into the city since the XVIth century. In the next stage we’ll get to Puente La Reina (the “crossroads”), a medieval village where the two main roads of the Way of Saint James merge: the French way and the one coming from Aragón. Finally, we’ll walk amidst vineyards and cereal fields towards Estella, a Romanesque town born as a consequence of the Way of Saint James.