NAVARRE, an immersion in its CULTURE

On this route we will go into the history and culture of Navarre, getting to know and admire the innumerable traces of the past which are present in our days, offered by this community.

Among other places and monuments, we are going to visit Saint Mary’s Cathedral in Tudela, which boasts a Romanesque cloister and the diocesan museum. Also, we’ll be touring the Romanesque at Valdorba, a land which holds one of the best collections of that period in the small, well taken-care of towns of the valley. In addition, we will visit Sangüesa’s monuments, the buildings, churches and convents bring to mind times of splendour through facades unique in the world. We’ll live the Roman times at the archaeological site called Las Musas de Orellano (Orellano’s Muses) and we will enter Jorge Oteiza’s universe, whose home-museum in Alzuza hosts his most intimate and personal collection.