Along this journey having to do with wine from Navarre, we intend to show you how our best wines are made from the vine, at the winery, through its growers and with people whose trade is part of one of the most appreciated treasures of this region.

We are going to visit two typical wineries holding the guarantee of origin and quality: Chivite and Señorío de Andión, both of which export vastly their produce. Then we’ll go to Otazu winery, which is the northernmost of the province and has some remarkable dark wine and quite peculiar installations. Afterwards, we’ll visit cellars whose trade is ecological wine as well as family wineries, where you’ll feel time has stopped centuries ago in their way of manufacturing yet boasting a spectacular advance in the quality of their wine.

To complete this visit, we’ll get to talk to some people for whom wine-making is a real talent: vine-growers, barrel-makers, cellar owners and vine-grafters. I’m sure they will help us understand better this wonderful world of wine in Navarre.