In this route we will go back to medieval times through the impressive monuments of the Navarra Media (centre of the province) and the Ribera (southern area), immersing ourselves in the magic oozing from the stones of its churches, castles and fortresses.

Specifically, we are going to visit the Castle of Olite, which is considered the medieval wonder of Spain; we will learn the history of the siege of Artajona, nine of whose fourteen original crenulated towers still remain and we will visit, among others, Eunate’s shrine (XIIth century) whose one hundred access doors –arches- conceal the Templar’s mysteries and is placed in the Way of Saint James; the medieval village Puente la Reina, a cross-roads; and Estella the beautiful, as it was called in the XVth century. Finally, we will learn the rich history of Tudela’s Cathedral, built in the XIIth century on the ruins of an old mosque, and declared national monument.